How to use Fillable PDF Forms

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Are you struggling with fillable PDF forms? Not sure how to fill out the PDF forms? No needed to worry. Here are the tips that may help you solve the problem:

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PDF Readers

1. First, determine what computer platform you are currently using (Mac or PC).

2. Second, download the fillable form.

3. Third, double-click on the file from your computer desktop – it will automatically open the file via Preview (Mac) or Acrobat Reader (Mac/PC). Mac users can use the free Preview app that comes with OS X. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you can download it for free via this link:

Online PDF Readers

If you prefer to fill out the forms online, then you can! Two websites provide free services: PDF Filler or PDFescape (no needed to download their software -you can fill out the forms through their websites!). You can also save and download the PDF forms after you have finished filling out the forms.

Additional Information

If you feel like do more reading and learn more about how to use the fillable forms. These articles are worth reading:

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• Acrobat Reader – Filling in PDF Forms:

Feel free to email Kelly if you need assistance with fillable forms.

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