How to Communicate with Deaf Professionals

Updated: Jul 18

Do you work with someone who has a hearing loss? Are you looking for new ways to communicate with your deaf employer, employee, co-worker, colleague, client, or freelancer? There are several ways that you can communicate with them.

Image of young woman looking at her phone

Instant Messenger App

Deaf individuals take advantage of today’s technology to communicate with their hearing peers. For instance, they use an instant messenger app such as Slack to type back and forth with their employer/co-worker. Instant messenger app is great for one-on-one meetings and small talks.

Email and Text Messaging

Email and text messaging are the norms in everyday lifestyle. People email each other to get the latest on the projects they are currently working on. Same goes for deaf professionals. They use email and text messaging to communicate with their employers, co-workers, and clients.

Notepad App

Deaf professionals would use the “notepad” on their computer or smartphone to communicate. It is like the idea of writing back and forth on paper except on the laptop/smartphone.

Live Subtitle App

As for the group meetings, there is an app called “Ava App.” No, it is not the fertility tracker app. Look up the other “Ava App” for 24/7 accessible life. This app is like a live subtitle for any conversations. It transcribes what a person says, and a deaf person will follow the conversation. It comes in handy especially when they are in a meeting or chatting with their co-workers.

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